About Kahhak Creamery

Kahhak Creamery
We, at Kahhak®, align to the goals through 4 Core P Values depicted in the four colours of Our Monogram where Red signifies Passion, Yellow for Perception, Green for Proliferation and Blue for Placidity.
The Kahhak® promise is the integral backbone to all our operations assuring our patrons of the quality they expect and deserve.
Kahhak Creamery

Brand Philosophy

Attention to detail, creativity, innovation, consistency, quality and exquisity continues to be the soul of Kahhak Creamery® and combined with an unfailing dedication of our Founder and Chairperson, Adipta Majumder, to achieving perfection, and delivering our patrons an unrivalled and unparalleled dessert experience. Our connoisseurs are at the heart of our business, and we aim to inspire you whenever you want to indulge in pure handcrafted and rightful scoops. Kahhak Creamery® products are delicately churned and elegantly presented by the magical hands of our talented culinary artisans. Nothing is overlooked or left to chance in the creation of our low added sugar desserts. Every step is finely executed by skilled artisans who are passionate about their work. We use only the finest ingredients, sourced from gourmet food suppliers around the world, and bring them together with the care and precision a work of fine art deserves. Our eggless ice creams are the oldest forms of churning ice cream where small batches having 40% overrun ensures that high intensity of air gets whipped into the ice cream resulting in a smoother, creamier, and richer taste. There are no compromises here and the commitment to quality is total.

From the Founder's Desk

Travels across the globe have been his inspiration to bring in world-class experience in this industry presenting impeccable art through various deliverables.
Adipta Majumder
Founder & Chairperson, Kahhak Industries
Kahhak Creamery

5 Years in the Making

Kahhak Creamery® has been five years in the making, honing, and refining the creative vision that made Heavenly Ice Creams the successful brand it is today. The result is an extraordinary and unforgettable taste experience designed to turn customers into connoisseurs.

Heavenly Craftsmanship

Anyone passionate for sweet things will be instinctively drawn to the velvetiest creations available in our menu. Who else creates such luxurious surrounds, sumptuous variety, distinctive quality and startling twists on traditional paragons that meets the art of living, made with care and highest craftsmanship, providing an extraordinary life experience?

New Age in Luxury Scoops

Inspired from the Cultural Roots of India, the latest innovation in our Creamery is Auric Aura with notes of 24Kt Gold and Saffron. It’s a true epitome that evokes the high fashion elegance of France and fuses it with Italy’s passion for all gelatos and curates love with India’s warmth.

Our Chief Culinary Officer and Director

Our handcrafted ice creams draw innovativeness from globally-sourced integrants and piquant spices resulting in exquisite sapid flavours having velvetiest textures.
Kahhak Creamery

Chef Krishan Kumar

Why Us

KAHHAK aims to conduct its affairs ethically and in a manner that is gratifying to all by aligning its goals with four core P values. Its depiction is through the four colours of the monogram signifying Passion, Perception, Proliferation and Placidity.
Etymology of Kahhak :
Kahhak is a conjunctive word derived from 2 Hindi words ‘Kisika’ and ‘Hak’ jointly meaning ‘One’s Right’ which has been formulated by our Founder to justify its apophthegm Rightful Precision.